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Property Protection 907089KBApplies to policies from 01/12/021
Property Protection SPDS 233456KBSPDS for all policies commencing 1 December 2021
Holiday Property Protection3472331KBPre 15 January 2024
Holiday Property Protection67232KBPre December 2021
Holiday Property Protection SPDS67232KBEffective from October to December 2021
Holiday Property Protection4792265KBPre May 2021
Holiday Property Protection 4704390KBPre April 2021
Holiday Home 606006KBPre June 2019
Holiday Home 223464KBPre March 2016
Holiday Unit 646442KBPre June 2019
Holiday Unit 114782KBPre Nov 2014
Landlord Protection 7653521KBPre September 2022
Landlord Protection SPDS67064KBPre September 2022
Landlord Protection 301079KBPre May 2021
Landlord Protection146858KBPre April 2021
Landlord Protection SPDS 487485KB22 April 2020
Landlords Protection 159107KBPre July 2019
Landlord's Protection 303581KBPre Feruary 2016
Landlord Protection Plus 719616KB1 April 2024
Landlord Protection Plus 5394601KBPre January 2023
Landlord Protection Plus 331711KBPre September 2022
Landlord Protection Plus 164203KBPre April 2021
Landlord Protection Plus SPDS 324248KB22 April 2020
Landlords Protection Plus 182172KBPre July 2019
Landlord Extra Protection519733KBPre September 2022
Landlord Extra Protection153270KBPre April 2021
Landlord Extra Protection 138993KBPre April 2020
Landlord Extra Protection 159382KBPre July 2019
Landlord Extra Protection Plus 364846KBPre September 2022
Landlord Extra Protection Plus 201122KBPre April 2021
Landlord Extra Protection Plus 152420KBPre April 2020
Landlord Extra Protection Plus 170057KBPre July 2019