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While Australia has been relatively protected from the spread of Coronavirus, many travellers have been disrupted due to travel restrictions, while others are reluctant to travel due to the increase risk that the disease poses.

At this point in time most claims are being considered and assessed on their particular circumstances. As it is a rapidly changing situation circumstances can and will change regularly, insurers are continuing to stay updated.

Please note that as the Coronavirus has become a listed disease by the Australian Government, any requests for leisure travel insurance after February 2, 2020 will exclude cover for any losses arising from the Coronavirus.

DUAL Travel Advice – Coronavirus 

If you purchased a DUAL Corporate Travel Policy and booked your travel prior to 2nd February 2020 for travel to Mainland China, Dual will consider claims under the loss of deposits section of the Policy.

For travel book or policies purchased after 2nd February 2020, there is no cover under any section of the Policy for any claim arising from the Coronavirus outbreak. 

For travel elsewhere worldwide excluding China, depending on when the policy was purchased and when the travel was booked will depend on the coverage.

Click here to read further regarding travel insurance cover and helpful advice.


On 1 February 2020 when China was moved to a DFAT Level 4 warning – Do Not Travel, TravelCard placed an Embargo on the country declaring the coronavirus a “known event” and restricting cover in line with specific policy wordings.
Epidemic is a general exclusion under Leisure travel insurance, like other travel insurance policies, TravelCard’s Leisure travel insurance has a general exclusion in the event of an actual or likely threat of a pandemic or epidemic. Please be aware that insurers will be unable to provide cover for Coronavirus related claims, including when travelling to countries other than China.

TravelCard’s Corporate policy provides cover, provided travl arrangements were made prior to DFAT Level 4 warning(s). Whilst there is no specific pandemic and epidemic exclusion there is a requirement to observe travel warnings and direstions. This means that if you chose to ignore such warnings, including DFAT Level 4 – Do Not Travel warning for China, there would be no cover. 

General Information and Resources 

If you are considering booking travel in the future, or if you intend to travel soon, stay up to date and informed. 

  • If you are considering postponing any travel plans, we encourage you to talk to your travel agent or carrier first, as many airlines are allowing cancellation or postponement with no penalty to the customer. 
  • Smartraveller – Australian Government providing travel advice on each country worldwide and recommendations on travel to those countries.
  • You can register your travel plans with Smartraveller to receive any updates before or during your travels directly to your email or mobile, click here.  
  • World Health Organisation (WHO) – provides health advice and preventative measures in an attempt to contain the spread of the outbreak. 

If you have any questions or queries please contact your account manager (08) 9349 7900.

This is general advice only and should be read in conjunction with your insurers PDS.