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Did you know that Centrewest clients receive access to a range of services to help manage their business and team?


Centrewest is partnered with PSL Group to provide our clients with a personalised and confidential on-call advisory service* to help them tackle a range of workplace issues such as health & safety compliance, performance management, terminations, staff redundancies and complaints.

As a Centrewest client, you will be dealing directly with Conor Fahey, Legal Practice Director of PSL Group, who is an experienced employment and work health & safety lawyer. So you know you are in good hands.

Our clients have shared some fantastic feedback about how this service has delivered real value for their business, and in some instances helped them save on insurance claim excess and premiums.

Below we share a few anonymous case studies of how advice from PSL Group has helped Centrewest clients.

Workers compensation insurance premium savings
A medium sized manufacturing business contacted PSL Group looking for some guidance following a run of avoidable workers compensation claims, and a threat by their insurer to significantly increase their workers compensation premiums. PSL Group was able to advise and work with the client to develop some bespoke work health and safety policies and a site specific WHS risk management plan. This plan and policies convinced the workers compensation insurer that the client’s risk had been mitigated, and therefore avoided a significant increase to their workers compensation premium.

Made a claim ‘go away’ for half the cost of the excess
A small business client was about to lodge a claim on their management liability insurance for an unfair dismissal claim by an ex-employee. Before doing so, they spoke to PSL Group who was not only able to assist the employer to settle the claim through Fair Work Commission conciliation for half the cost of the claim excess, but also avoid a claim to their insurer which would have increased their future premium.

Managing a messy employee dismissal
Another small business client was at a crossroads as to how to manage an underperforming employee. PSL Group was able to step them through the termination process with support and advice, including scripts and letters, to avoid future legal issues following the dismissal.

Dealing with a threatening ex-employee
An ex-employee had written a number of aggressive letters to this small business employer, first threatening all sorts of unwarranted legal action and prosecution, then escalating to various threats of property damage and violence. PSL Group was able to put the business owner’s mind at ease in the face of the unfounded threats, and then assist him to obtain his own legal redress through court ordered restraining orders.

The above examples demonstrate how PSL Group’s advisory service can support Centrewest clients and their business performance. Learn more about this service, or contact PSL Group today if you have an employee relations query.

*PSL Group offer Centrewest clients a free 15-minute telephone consult for HR, Employment Relations and Industrial Relations advice. Note that all advice provided via this service is of a general commercial nature only and does not represent legal advice.