Surviving Email Fraud in 2018

30 May 2018 Category Cyber Author Madison Stirling

    Enterprise security company Proofpoint, Inc has recently released their 2018 Edition of Surviving Email Fraud: A Practical Guide to Protecting Your Organisation. The publication states that since the FBI began tracking simple email fraud attacks in 2015, more than 22,000 organisations worldwide have fallen victim to them, losing an estimated $3.08 billion. Proofpoint […]

Cyber Exposure: An Emerging Risk

13 Jul 2017 Category Cyber Author Madison Stirling

  Cyber Protection Insurance is an emerging form of cover that aims to protect businesses from the financial impact of a computer network hack or data breach. Recent statistics show that Australia is the 5th most targeted country for cyber attacks globally and that a vast majority of these attacks occur from security vulnerabilities due […]