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As summer is approaching so is bushfire season. After a series of relatively mild summers, and a dry winter this year, fire authorities warn bushfire conditions heading into summer are on par with possibly some of the worst seen in recent years. Planning and managing risks –  for your business, home or both – will decrease the risk of damage to life, property and assets.

What you can do to protect your home and contents

  • Prepare and make sure you have appropriate cover to avoid severe financial loss in the event your home and contents are destroyed by a fire. Visit our calculators page on our website, to find links to a home building and contents calculator. By providing general information about your home or contents the calculator will provide an estimated sum insured. Please note the calculators are a guide only, it is important to speak to your broker for a full assessment on your home and contents.
  • Keep the grass, shrubs and trees around your property trimmed and clear your gutters of any dry leaves.
  • Move woodpiles and other flammable materials away from your property. 
  • Ensure your property is fitted with smoke alarms and test them regularly.

If you would like to discuss the level of insurance cover for your property or assets, please contact Centrewest Insurance Brokers on 08 9349 7900 or email

Have a plan

Develop a plan in the event your home is threatened by a bushfire. Visit the DEFS website for details on their 5 minute Fire Chat to ensure you consider everything you need to defend or flea. Having the Fire Chat is a great step to protect you and your family and to establish clarity on:

  • When to leave
  • Where to evacuate to
  • What to take with you in the event of an evacuation

 Local Fire Information and Contacts