The Importance of Full Disclosure

25 Aug 2017 Category General Author Madison Stirling

  Did you know that taking out an insurance policy means entering into a legal contract? It’s important to remember both the insurer and insured are lawfully bound to its terms. In Australia, our policies are governed by the Insurance Contracts Act 1984 that sets out the obligations of all parties, but particularly important to the insured is your Duty of […]

Cyber Exposure: An Emerging Risk

13 Jul 2017 Category Cyber Author Madison Stirling

  Cyber Protection Insurance is an emerging form of cover that aims to protect businesses from the financial impact of a computer network hack or data breach. Recent statistics show that Australia is the 5th most targeted country for cyber attacks globally and that a vast majority of these attacks occur from security vulnerabilities due […]

Centrewest Supports Road Safety Week

6 May 2017 Category Transport Author Madison Stirling

  The fourth United Nations Road Safety week will run globally 8th-14th May. This year the endeavour hopes to address the serious effects of speeding and what can be done to lower risk factors and reduce incidences of road traffic injuries and death. Nations who have developed and implemented proven road safety strategies have been successful in: Road planning to […]